7 in 1 Scissors with Hang Tag


7-in-1 Stainless Steel scissors with green handles packaged with Hang Tag

These amazing scissors are really several tools in one!  Cut everything from paper to flower stems (using the half circle formed where the blades comes together in the center), crack nuts (with the teeth in the handles), open cans and bottles (each located at the end of the handles), strip herbs (through the slit in one blade), separate the two handles and each becomes a knife - one serrated and the other a smooth blade.  Comes with a magnetic cover to hang on the fridge or in the shop or craft room.  Keep a pair in each car in case of emergency.


9.5" X 3.5" X .75" thick inside case

Made of plastic and stainless steel.  Cover made of plastic with magnet on backside.

Dishwasher safe, take scissors apart and place in the utensil basket.  Caution:  Very sharp! Keep away from children.  Can be sharpened if dishwasher dulls the blades.

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