Batter Scoop Set on Backercard


Stainless steel set/3 cookie dough or cake batter scoops, restaurant supply house quality.  (Not intended for ice cream)


Whether you are left or right handed, these 3 scoops will perform well in the kitchen.  Use the large scoop for dipping the perfect amount of cupcake batter into paper liners without a drippy mess.  The medium size is great for scooping up equal portions of cookie dough and mashing down each scoop on the tray using the backside if needed.  The small scoop measures out a perfect 1" ball of cookie dough, no more guessing!  The large scoop is great for serving up mashed potatoes, macaroni salad or cottage cheese.  Imported.  

Scoop sizes:  Small 1.57" diameter capacity 2 T.,  Medium 1.96" diameter capacity 3T., Large 2.36" diameter capacity 5 T.


Each scoop approximately 8 3/4" length X 2 1/2" height

100% stainless steel

Dishwasher safe.

Product Reviews

  1. Emily

    Great scoops for making cookies of any size and for measuring cupcake batter perfectly every time!

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