Herb Scissors with a Hang Tag


Herb Cutting Scissors with 5 blades with hang tag.  Green.

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Chopping fresh herbs has never been quicker than with these 5 blade scissors.  Sharp stainless steel slices right through even the most delicate herbs with ease letting you chop right over your salad or other recipes.  Making salads or sandwich toppings are a breeze too.  Try a pair in your craft room, they are great with paper.  Comes with a safety cover.  Imported

Care Instructions:  Rinse clean or dishwasher safe.

WARNING:  Extremely sharp, keep away from children.

8 1/2" x 3" x 1"

Dishwasher safe.  Blades are sharp, keep away from children.  Food safe and designed to cut herbs but can be used to shred paper and make fringe!

5 Stainless steel blades with plastic handles

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