Ice Cube Tray, Polka Dot


Polka dot ice cube tray in green silicone and opaque plastic

If you have a connection with polka dots and want to have them even in your drinks, then these polka dot ice cubes are for you!  The cubes are really circles and are easy to remove by pushing on the green silicone buttons on the bottom of the tray and the ice "dots" pop right out.  A great idea is to fill the tray with the drink you are going to serve and freeze ahead of time - then they can't dilute your drink as they melt!  Even freeze a small amount of basil or other herbs along with water in the tray to add to sauces when fresh herbs aren't plentiful.  Freeze fresh lime and lemon juice to add to your recipes too!  Each dot is about 1 T.

10" X 4 1/2" X 1"

Food Grade PBA Free Plastic and silicone.  Each dot holds approx. 1 T.

Dishwasher safe, top rack recommended.

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