Garlic Peeler on a Backercard


Silicone rolling garlic peeler in red on backercard

This is the easiest garlic peeler you will ever use!  Separate garlic cloves from their peel by simply placing them into the silicone tube one at a time and roll back and forth on a hard surface.  The peel comes off, simple as that.  No more smelly hands trying to peel garlic cloves.  Imported.

5" length X 1.5" diameter

FDA food grade silicone in red.

Dishwasher safe or hand wash with soap and water.

Product Reviews

  1. David

    I use garlic in 90% of what I cook, and was pleasantly surprised by the garlic roller/peeler. I'm accustomed to smashing the garlic clove with my palm or under a flat knife to remove the skin, but this is quite a bit easier. Keeps the peels from getting all over the place too, which is nice.

  2. Donna

    I'm not one for lots of extra gadgets in the kitchen, but this one really does make peeling your garlic a breeze.

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