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At Lemon Poppy Inc. we create unique and innovative recipe books and kitchen gadgets while offering unsurpassed customer service. When life gives you lemons...we hope to inspire you to make lemon poppy cake and all of our other favorite recipes!

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I love Lemon Poppy products !!!! I am so excited to start pairing fabulous kitchen tools with these amazing books and recipes . I love the baking Mats , heat resistant spatula , darling and sharp polka dot cutlery set and noodle spiral. They get weekly use in this cooks kitchen !!

Lindsy Baggaley Las Vegas, Nevada

I am the proud owner of Humble Pie, When Life Gives You Christmas and When Life Gives You A Fresh Start. Every recipe I have made has been delicious. They have quickly become my "go to" cookbooks...I even feel confident to try a new recipe for guests knowing that it will be delicious. The illustrations are beautiful and the recipes are easy to follow, they make me feel like I really can cook!

Coral S. Fort Collins, CO

My favorite thing about the Lemon Poppy spatula is that it is one continuous shape instead of two pieces glued together like most spatulas. This prevents the build up of gross grime that typically gets stuck between the two pieces. It is also dishwasher safe as opposed to my other specialty spatulas with wooden handles. I also love the shape of the head giving it a dual use of scraping the sides of a bowl and also acting as a large mixing spoon.

Lynn Hicken Nome, Alaska

All of Lemon Poppy's cookbooks are beautiful to look at and have a picture of every recipe. I am one of those people who avoid making a recipe if there isn't a picture, so that's a big deal to me! I have yet to make something from Lemon Poppy that I haven't liked. Lemon Poppy's cook books make the perfect gift to keep on hand for when you need a last minute gift, just tie some ribbon around it or put it in a cellophane bag. I personally like to bake some treats and take to a friend (along with the book I used) who needs a little pick me up. Always brightens up their day and mine! One of my go to wedding presents is the Humble Pie book alone or paired with a cute pie plate. Everyone loves it and I always hear back which recipes they've tried and love. The spatula's are my favorite! I have four of them and use them for everything from baking, and making sauces, to scrambling eggs, or sautéing veggies. Truth be told I have others but if the Lemon Poppy spatulas are all dirty I'll wash one before using another brand! Plus their bright colors make it even more fun for my daughter to help. I love the vegetable peeler because it won't rust and the handle doesn't slip out of my hand when peeling wet veggies like most others do. It peels so easy which is a big time saver!

Jacey Jo Goates Salt Lake City, Utah

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